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05.11.2017, 14:54

Fir trees

We are adding more christmas shells to our x-mas assortment.

22.10.2017, 08:47

Broken chocolates...

... the most difficult part of the production of broken chocolate is the choice of the best couverture. Because your time is the most precious and only the noblest couvertures justify your work effort in your spare time.

04.09.2017, 13:43

BIO couverture white...

In addition to the two BIO Grand Cru couvertures Elvesia now available in a white organic version. Also from the Dominican Republic the BIO Dominicana 36%.

30.01.2017, 14:46


The ideal support for pre-crystallizing couverture. No more disappointing results due to bad tempering.

21.11.2015, 07:50

Stars for X-mas

For x-mas season we have added lovely chocolate stars to our product range.

21.09.2015, 21:01

Walnut half-shells

New to our product range for home confiseurs

28.05.2015, 13:10

Cocoa - Separator

With the REHMANN Cocoa - Separator winnowing cocoa beans becomes a matter of a blink of an eye.

28.05.2015, 12:24

Spring emotions with strawberries

Spring brings us the first domestic fruit. Strawberries make for a perfect base for a fine praline.