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Micro-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 2kg / spectra 11

  • Micro-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 2kg / spectra 11
    • Micro-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 2kg / spectra 11
    • Micro-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 2kg / spectra 11
    • Micro-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 2kg / spectra 11
  • 600.00 CHF

    7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

    Product no.: HC100002

To our customers with the EU: This equipment meets with all technical requirements of the EU and can be imported to the EU without any complications.


This Micro-Melangeur is highly recommend to home - chocolatiers. The production of batches of max. 2-2.5kg is corresponding to the capacity of this unit. Our Micro-Melangeur is a newly introduced SANTHA product. It is both compact and efficient and even carefully designed to make for a decent look at your home.


The Micro-Melangeur has a conical drum with a granite base. The conical shape of the drum increases the grinding capacity of this small machine. A correct process given, Micro-Melangeur turns 500g of cocoa-nibs into cocoa licquor in less than an hour. It is therefore that adding sugar to your cocoa is possible after a very short time from starting the grinder.


Micro-Melangeur is a CE-Certified equipment meeting all requirements of the European markets. 


Please contact us for shipments outside the EU.



500 x 300 x 260mm






ca. 2-3kg Couverture 



130, fixed RPM


Motor & Transmission

0.25HP, Belt transmission



220V, 50Hz


Plugging & Cable

The unit is being supplied with a German plug. 



Plastic. Coulours shown on images may differ slightly.


Roller stones

2 pces, granite, 1.6kg p. pce.



Diameter 250mm, height inside 146mm / stainless steel with granite base. Bowl removable for cleaning.



PVC transparent. Integrated on/off safety switch. The equipment may NOT be operated without lid.


Notes on the use of the Micro-Melangeur

Please note that the Mini-Melangeur was originally not designed for the production of chocolate. The production of chocolate is NOT the intended use for this equipment. The use for purposes other than the intended use is at your own risk. We reject any liability!


Be sure to read and follow the instruction manual carefully before using the equipment for the first time. The production of chocolate is a demanding process. If the Mini-Melangeur is used improperly, its service life can be considerably reduced. The production of chocolate at home is a task for tinkers - there is no significant literature on the subject. The maintenance and service of the mini-melangeur must also be carried out by the user in his own direction. For the work with the Mini-Melangeur a minimum degree of technical ability as well as "sympathy" for mechanical devices is assumed.


NEVER use the Mini-Melangeur unattended!



Rehmann Schokolade GmbH can not guarantee for the results of the Mini-Melangeur. The buyer will acquire knowledge in the course of the work and will always improve the results obtained. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not provide any Warranty for the European market. We are holding stock for the sensitive parts for replacement. Please ask us for your requirements.





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Mini-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 3kg / wet grinder / spectra 11

Mini-Melangeur for Home-Chocolatiers / 3kg / wet grinder / spectra 11

A small but highly efficient equipment to get started in the
production of couverture bean-to-bar. With this Melangeur


you process cocoa to your own couverture - from the
bean to the finished bar. 

499.00 CHF (7.7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)