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Team events of the sweet kind. Send your department or your team to the chocolate front.
The processing of chocolate requires a maximum of attention from beginners. A wrong timing by a few seconds, half a degree celsius temperature too much, or a bad work preparation decide on success or failure. These subjects from the world of work can be incorporated into team courses:
- Being effective and do the "right thing"
- Being efficient doing the "right thing" 
- Being prepared perfectly for the project
- perfect timing for each project
- clean and lean work distinguishes the pro from the beginner
Our chocolate basic courses may take place in a venue of your company or in an external space for a maximum of 10 people. The courses aime at companies who want to merge their team in an unusual context.
In small groups of max. 10 persons the most important tricks and techniques are teached to let your creativity run wild with chocolate.

Please get in contact with us for detailed information upon events for larger groups up to 20 people. We are happy to advise you.