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Spring emotions with strawberries

Spring emotions with strawberries

Spring brings us the first domestic fruit. Strawberries make for a perfect base for a fine praline.

Clean 100g ripe strawberries and purée with 40g sugar in a blender. Strain through a sieve and keep at room temperature, ready for the next steps.


Have 200g tempered couverture Grand Cru Maracaibo 65% ready. Temper strawberry coulis at 35°C and make sure that the sugar has dissolved. Slowly stir in tempered couverture and process to a smooth ganache.
Pour your strawberrie ganache filling into a piping bag and fill in carré chocolates shells. Make sure that the ganache remains 1mm below the shells edge. This ensures that in a later step we can close the praline cleanly with a layer of couverture. Let the carrés cool until the ganache is firm. At last close the carrés with a thin layer of couverture by generously pouring couverture on top of your carré-shells. Strip off excess Couverture. This last step requires swift action.


Prolonged shelf life for your pralines


The strawberry-carrés from the above recipe come with an estimated shelf life of max. 2 weeks. If you want to manufacture your strawberry-carrés with an extended shelf life proceed as follows:
40g sugar to be replaced by → 20g sorbitol, glucose 20g, 20g sugar and 10g maltodextrin
With this change in your recipe the carrés will now come with a estimated shelf life of approx. 4 weeks. The sweetness will be slightly higher, as sorbitol and glucose come with a reduced sweetness factor in comparison with sacharose - yet having the same potential of reducing water activity in your product. Texture of the ganache will slightly change due to the influence of glucose.

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