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NEW! Mini-Egg shells

in time for the easter season

NEW! Mini-Egg shells

We have added 3 seasonal products for easter to our range of chocolate shells. You can now broaden your easter creations with lovely mini-eggs.

The new mini eggs come in layers of 63 pieces each. Each mini egg weighs 3.2g, unfilled. Depending on how they are processed, the filled mini eggs will weigh around 13g each. We love this size, which is comparable to a truffle.


The mini eggs can be filled with ganaches, praline masses or other confectionery masses. One layer of mini eggs produces approx. 820g of finished product. For the filling of a whole layer of mini eggs (63 pieces) approx. 630g of mass is needed.


The mini eggs can be filled and sealed as known from truffle shells. The mini eggs can then be coated. Alternatively, the mini eggs may also be left without additional coating. Decorating the mini eggs is of course an option unlimited to your creativity.


We wish you much fun and success with your projects.

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