Lieferbereitschaft während der Pandemie - Bestellungen können uneingeschränkt erfüllt werden.

Availability during the pandemic - orders can be fulfilled without restrictions.

BIO couverture white...

... the new white one from FELCHLIN.

BIO couverture white...

In addition to the two BIO Grand Cru couvertures Elvesia now available in a white organic version. Also from the Dominican Republic the BIO Dominicana 36%.

For the Bio Dominicana, FELCHLIN only uses precious cocoa butter, which is obtained from cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has made a name for itself as a region of origin of precious cocoa. Whole milk powder and Swiss organic sugar round off the raw material bouquet for this lovely product.



The Dominicana 36% of FELCHLIN inspires with a distinctive whole milk taste. Amend all your chocolate projects with Dominicana 36% and change to organic quality. Even in top quality!

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