The Cocoa-Crusher is the answer to your needs for crushing roasted or unroasted cocoa beans.
The Cocoa-Crusher is solidly built of metal and food proof painting. The rollers are made from aluminum. The crusher is operated manually by means of a flywheel and is designed to handle about 40 kg cocoa beans per hour - depending on the individual fitness of the operator.
The cocoa-Crusher can be mounted on any container without further amendmends. Owners of a REHMANN Cocoa-Separator can actually put the crusher on the Separators bucket. In addition, we offer an handy, stable and inexpensive solution that can be completed in DIY. This solution is described in the operators manual.
Technically talented home chocolatiers have the option of bringing the Cocoa-Crusher in line along with the Cocoa-Separator, or any other winnowing system, to achieve a continuous work flow. We deliberately kept the Cocoa-Crushers support beams at full lenght to allow the greatest possible freedom for your projects.
Technical Details
555 x 455mm hopper  /  800 x 500 x 350mm overall dimensions
Hopper and base in food proof painted metal
plastic, wooden handle
aluminum, width 150mm
ca. 40kg per hour
not included
talk to us if you need a motorized Cocoa-Crusher

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