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HOLIDAYS from 19th Juli to 8th August 2019 - Orders will be shipped until 18th Juli 2019. Orders received during our company holidays will be fulfilled from 12th August 2019.


Organic grand cru couvertures from Felchlin are raw materials of an own class and for your premium projects at home. Organic grand cru couvertures are reserved to members of the FELCHLIN partner programm and are not on sale at FELCHLINS factory outlet.


We are holding those extraordinary products on shelf for you, at reasonable prices and usefull quantities. If the couverture of your dreams is not in our range of products, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will support you in sourcing the desired couverture.



For your projects we recommend to work with not less than 1kg of couverture. In particular while working with tempered couverture we do not recommend working with smaller quantities. This recommendation is based on our experience that amateur home confiseurs with little experience and routine will face massive troubles in tempering small amounts of couverture. Quantity helps you in the process of tempering your couverture. In addition working with small amounts of couverture will lead to unconvenient work flow in your projects.


STORAGE of couvertures

Above recommendation is confirmed by the fact that couverture stores easily for several month given the conditions are perfect. Store your couvertures in a dry and cold place free from odors and light. Wrap your couverture in household foil to make sure its well protected. You may turn your couvertures into pralines and truffles after several month of storage.