In this section of our website we answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject of  chocolat making at home or in a very small comercial scale. You question is not among the below listed? Do not hesitate to contact us for personal support.

Can home made chocolate be compared even with industrially processed chocolate?
No! Chocolate made at home or in a very small comercial scale will differ in every respect from industrial goods. On the positive side, in our opinion. Your own products will be unconventional and surprising in comparison to everything manufactured in a industrial style or scale.
Does home-made chocolate melt and feel as smooth in the mouth as industrially manufactured chocolate?
Yes and no. Yes, if at the end of the process you „treat“  your couverture with additional cocoa butter. Yes, if you work without adding cocoa butter and if you master the process of modern chocolate making. No, if you do not master the process of modern chocolate making and / or if you lack the necessary time and patience for processing cocoa or. No, if you chose the wrong equipment.
Is the procurement of raw materials such as cocoa or specialty sugars and other ingredients guaranteed?
Yes. REHMANN Schokolade GmbH is establishing a range of raw materials step by step. In addition the www hold a number of suppliers ready to serve you. There are plenty of interesting cocoa products in the market.
Which equipment are essential and what is "good to have"?
Anyone who wants more than mashed cocoa beans will have to purchase some kind of machine for the process of grinding cocoa. For the very beginning, for example, one of our Mini-Melangeur is more than enough. For crushing and winnowing cocoa improvisation will be the key to success or you start processing cocoa nibs. As you move ahead as a home-chocolatier you will want to think about a crusher and a device supporting you in separating shells from cocoa-nibs.
Can I aquaint the knowledge for processing cocoa myself or do I need training?
If there was a specific training available you would certainly be faster in getting familiar with the basics of making chocolate. However, such offers ar unknown to us. In relevant forums on the Internet a lot of knowledge is waiting for you. So do not hesitate and start training yourself, on the job. Learn by doing and ask fellow home-chocolatiers.
Do I need basic knowledge in handling couverture if I want to become a home- chocolatier?
You should get the knowledge regarding basic characteristics of couverture before embarking on the long journey to chocolate mastership. Without knowing how couverture "works" and how it is tempered and processed you will be limited and struggle to understand what is going on.
If I have processed 2kg of couvertures on my own whats the expected shelf life of my product.
Supposing the cocoa beans were fresh upon arrival at your premises and the roasting profile applied was suitable for your beans you can expect a shelf life of min. 1 year.
Can I also even roast cocoa? Do I need to buy any equipment.
Yes, you can roast yourself. There are many ways to roast your cocoa beans.  You do not necessarely need to buy extra equipment.
Is there any literature on how to make chocolate?
Unfortunately no! There used to be relevant industry literature in German language. Regretably, all titles in German language known to us are no longer available in the market. Does knowing how to organize such a title at an university library will gain a lot of theoretical knowledge.