Tilting Melangeur 10kg / Spectra 40 / Santha

We can only recommend this tilting melangeur to the home chocolatier with ambitions. Also for commercial players this device is ideal. The production of approx. 10 kg Couverture per charge corresponds to the capacity of this equipment. Our Tilting-Melangeur is identical with the device available in the USA under the name Spectra 40.


IMPORTANT: Only on advance order & plus transport costs. This device is not approved in the EU and therefore cannot be imported into the EU. 



width 820mm x depth 560mm x height 720mm






approx. 10kg of chocolate


Revolutions p. minute

adjustable, from 768 to 1152 motor revolutions or 90-130 revolutions of the grinding container.

The unit is supplied with speed controller.


Engine & Transmission

3 PS, sprocket/chain drive



1 or 3 phase motor

220V, 50Hz, incl. safety interrupter


stainless steel



2, granite, 210x95mm, complete roller unit incl. carrier 22kg, carrier stainless steel



diameter 410mm, height 280mm, stainless steel with granite bottom, not removable, can be tilted for cleaning



Stainless steel; the machine can also be operated without lid.


Rolling platform

Not included in the range of delivery.


Fields of application

We recommend this device for the production of chocolate for home use or in smaller commercial operations. Also very suitable for the own production of peanut butter or praline masses, Giandujas/Nougats. Also suitable for the production of mustard. 


Notes on the use of the tilting melangeur

Please note that the Tilting-Melangeur was not originally designed for the production of chocolate. Therefore, please read the supplied instruction manual carefully and completely before using the device for the first time. Making chocolate is a demanding process. Improper use of the Tilting-Melangeur can shorten its life considerably. The production of chocolate at home is a task for inventors - there is no literature worth mentioning on the subject. Maintenance and servicing of the Tilting-Melangeur must also be carried out by the buyer himself. For the work with the tipping melangeur a minimum of technical talent as well as "sympathy" for mechanical devices is therefore required.



Rehmann Schokolade GmbH cannot guarantee for the results of the Tilting-Melangeur. The buyer will acquire knowledge in the course of the work and will constantly improve the results achieved. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not guarantee the device for the European market. Of course, we offer assistance in case of obvious product defects. Please ask us for your requirements.