Lieferbereitschaft während der Pandemie - Bestellungen können uneingeschränkt erfüllt werden.

Availability during the pandemic - orders can be fulfilled without restrictions.



Sharing knowledge. 

This is our policy for REHMANN’s chocolate courses. Knowledge is to be shared. We share our knowledge with you so you can take action yourselves in your own projects. We do not consider you a competitor but would love to fruitfully cooperate with you. In special occasions we even disclose our original recipes - and this does not give us sleepless nights.

Service quality means that participants at our courses and events are trained in small groups with our expertise in the matter of Confiserie. After our courses the neo-confectioners should be able to transfer acquired knowledge in new and own recipes or projects. Participants are supported with a collection of valuable documentaries after the courses.

Service quality also means: happy students who had fun during our courses.