Group-Basic course up to 10 participants (Saturdays or Sundays)

Ideal for company teams, club events or an exciting time among friends. 

Booking a group course means that you organize yourself a group of up to 10 people. The course cost is a flat rate of CHF 1280.00 (instead of CHF 1350.00 with 10 individual bookings). With 10 people we therefore grant a 50% organizer’s discount to the organizer of the course. Please contact us for larger groups.


If you can make a suitable room available as a course location, we may grant you a reduction of the course costs. Talk to us about your ideas.


Course dates: on request and by appointment 

Start: 09: 00h, or by appointment

End: 13: 00h, or by appointment

Location: Bio Bistro, Gundeldingerfeld, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel


Course Objectives

• tools & raw materials

• correct handling of couverture

• tempering couverture

• processing of ganaches

• manufacture of inlays for pralines

• coating truffles and pralines